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16. June 2025 - 23. June 2025

Cottages /

Plane /
Rented cars

4790 $ /
4460 €

ICELAND - a place where fire shakes hands with ice. Don't let the infinite beauty of Iceland escape you, all during the 8-day photo-expedition. Experience the magic of Iceland, where nature writes its own script and therefore often changes it. The "lunar island" in the Atlantic Ocean with a Nordic climate is a real European exotic. The land of fire and ice, green moss and black lava is full of roaring waterfalls, slumbering volcanoes, vast glaciers and erupting geysers - a true photographer's paradise.

Why did we choose this particular date for the expedition? June is the time when Iceland is extremely photogenic. It is the period when summer begins, which means landscapes with freshly melted water and vibrant green colors. 

Our photo tour will focus on the southern part of Iceland. During our Iceland photo expedition, we will visit most beautiful places of this country. But not only the "must see" spots. We will also take you to unknown places that we discovered during our visits to Iceland. Thanks to this, you will have exceptional photos in your portfolio.

We will personally help you capture the best possible images during our photography tour. Two experienced lecturers who know the photographed places very well will be at your disposal the whole time. You can therefore be sure that you will always be in the right place at the right time. In addition, tour leaders will be at your disposal 24/7 during the entire expedition. They will pass on their valuable knowledge, thanks to which they are internationally recognized on the photography scene.



(June 16.)

During the first day of our tour, we will pick you up at Keflavik International Airport. Together, we will transfer to our first accommodation, where we will stay for the first 3 nights. After settling in, we will commence the photo tour with introductory remarks, ensuring you know exactly what to expect during the following days.

Iceland highlands

DAYS 2 - 4 (Morn.)

(June 17. - 19.)

During the following days, we will focus on the wild territories within the interior of Iceland - the so-called highlands. We will take you to rarely explored and lesser-known places where you won't encounter crowds of tourists. Just the journey to these locations will be an adventure itself, as we will travel in specially modified off-road vehicles suitable for the rugged terrain of Iceland's interior.


But you don't need to worry. All the places we will take you to will be easily accessible upon arrival. We won't undertake any challenging hikes. During these days, we will visit the majestic Haifoss waterfall, the surroundings of the lunar lakes Hnausapollur and Ljótipollur, hiden canyon Sigöldugljúfurglacial rivers that look like something from another planet from a bird's-eye view, and other places whose names we will reveal during the photo tour itself. Thanks to this, you will take away exceptional photographs and experiences from these first days, which few people have when visiting Iceland!

DAY 4 (Afternoon)

(June 19.)

On the fourth day of our tour, we will head to the east of Iceland to the town of Höfn, where we will spend the next 2 nights. But even during this travel day, you can look forward to several interesting photo locations. We will visit classics such as the waterfalls Skógafoss and Kvernufoss. In the evening, we will stop at the famous glacial lagoon Jökulsárlón and the nearby "Diamond Beach", which is often filled with beautiful glacial "diamonds". It's truly a paradise for landscape photographers.

DAYS 5-6

(June 20. - 21.)

The fifth and sixth days will be dedicated to the mountainous region in the east of Iceland. You can look forward to well-known places such as Stokksnes Beach, but also less visited spots such as Eystrahorn, surrounding waterfalls, and we'll even reach a few of our secret spots. Between the shooting, we will, of course, utilize the time for editing lessons and exploring the surrounding places.

DAYS 6-8

(June 21. - 23.)

During the last days of our photo tour, we will focus on the most beautiful beaches in Iceland - the renowned black sand beach Reynisfjara, as well as the surrounding beaches Víkurfjara. We will also visit the stone arch Dyrhólaey. But that's not all! In June, Puffins arrive in Iceland. That means if we're a bit lucky, we'll capture them in all their glory!

In the morning on June 23rd, we will pack up and head back to Keflavik, where we will take you directly to the airport. That's where our photo tour will end.